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21st September 2023
Rishi Sunak announces additonal £2500.00 towards the installation cost of an Air Source Heat Pump.
The Boiler Upgrade Grant is now £7500.00. 

11th September 2023
Huge price reduction as Tesla lowers the cost of their Powerwall.

An introduction to Steve Duckworth Electrical


15 years ago I decided to start my own business. I did this because I felt passionately about a few things;

I want our customers to feel like they’ve had a really great service, that we look after them and that we’ll go the extra mile.

We only install the best quality products that will stand up against any alternatives in the market.

We may not be the cheapest but we consistently deliver value for money – and we have our customers best interest at heart.

And as the business has grown, these are the values that the business holds dear to this day.

The added bonus is that we’re helping businesses and households to cut bills and go greener.

With over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry I found myself looking to technology to help me reduce my impact on the world. I had seen Solar PV systems talked about and decided to do my own research. In August 2011 I installed my first Solar PV system on my house, once I had satisfied myself that the tech really did work, I decided to register as an installer. In 2014 I moved to a new house that needed it's very old oil boiler replacing, whilst looking for alternatives I was introduced to Air Source Heat Pumps, again,  I installed one on my house and found that it did exactly what it was supposed to do, so I registered as an installer. In 2016 Tesla introduced it's Powerwall battery system, I registered my intrest to be an installer and to my astonishment I was accepted, one of the first 50 in the country to be registered as a Tesla Certified Installer. We’ve grown a little since those days but I’m still amazed by how much eneergy can be produced from a roof in the north of England. We now specialise in intergrated renewable solutions and have many satisfied customers, all enjoying their reduced energy bills and reliance on the grid. 

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