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AroTherm Plus Installation & information on heat pump BUS grants.

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 Installing heat pumps since 2014

As a registered Vaillant Advance Renewables Partner, Steve Duckworth Electrical has been installing Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) since August 2014.

 Heat your home the green way 

This fantastic piece of equipment creates hot water; it will heat your house and provide all your hot water requirements in the same way as a normal boiler.

 400% Energy Efficiency

The difference between a normal boiler and an ASHP is that you get up to 4kW of heat for every Kilowatt of electricity, up to an incredible 400% EFFICIENCY. Standard boilers work between 60-95% according to Scottish Power. 

The BUS application process is ‘installer-led’,  you just confirm that we have made the application on your behalf, the steps are as follows:

We send you a quote/contract, which you sign and return.

We make the BUS application on your behalf.

Ofgem contact you to confirm that the application is correct.

We confirm all the details and liase with Ofgem.

We both receive confirmation that the voucher has been issued.

We arrange a convenient date with you for the installation.

We arrange a convenient date with you for the installation.

The system is fully installed & commissioned, then we raise the certification required.

You pay us the price quoted less the £7500.00 from the grant.

We receive the £7500.00 directly from Ofgem. 

The above process is very simple and requires a minimum amount of input from you, the client.

Why choose Vaillant
aroTHERM plus?

The Vaillant aroTHERM plus, our heatpump of choice, provides heating and hot water from renewable energy. It’s perfect for both new build and retrofit properties that demand low running costs, high efficiency, and an environmentally friendly solution.
It’s an outdoor unit which comes in a variety of outputs to suit every property.

Outstanding Quality, Reliability & Service

I have chosen to work with Vaillant heat pumps because of the reputation they have for outstanding quality, reliability and service. They have their own team of engineers specifically for the Heat Pump systems so if a problem occurs under warranty you can be assured that you will get expert attention from the manufacturer.

What Are The Benefits Of The AroTHERM Plus Heat Pump?

Reduced Carbon Footprint

You can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to climate protection by already meeting future building regulations

Accredited with the Quiet Mark

Sound emissions as low as 54dB(A) the aroTHERM plus
3.5, 5, 7 and 12 kW, reassuring for you and your
neighbours. Outputs have been accredited with the 
Quiet Mark.

Control from your phone

Compatible with app-based controls to allow you to control your heating on the go

Suitable for most properties

It’s suitable for a broad range of properties with underfloor heating and/or a radiator system. Depending on the heat demand and living space of your home, it will be suitable for retrofit projects

Reduced Heating/Hot Water Bills

ErP A+++ rated with a SCoP up to 4.88, your monthly running costs for heating and hot water can be reduced by more than 10% compared to a replaced oil heating system

High Quality Engineering

Inverter driven technology - Modulating compressor - Heat pump only works as hard as is required to heat the property giving increased system efficiency, lower running costs and a longer lasting appliance built with precision german engineering.

Previous AroTHERM Heat Pump installation locations.

At Steve Duckworth Electrical we work with our customers to install our heat pumps in the most convenient place possible in accordance with current regulations.

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This system is designed to provide all the hot water and heating requirments for a 3 bedroom family home. The system comprises of a 7kW Vaillant aroTHERM Plus Air Source Heat Pump and a Vaillant uniTOWER, see below.

Screenshot%202024 02 16%20at%2015.28.28


This uniTOWER was installed as part of the system installed in Clitheroe, located in the garage to replace the old boiler the helps to simplify the installation. The uniTOWER encloses the Domestic Hot Water Cylinder, divert valve, expansion vessels, decoupling module and all the other ancillary equipment in one very neat unit.

Screenshot%202024 02 16%20at%2015.11.41


This system is designed to provide all the hot water and heating requirments for a 4 bedroom family home. The system comprises of a 12kW Vaillant aroTHERM Plus Air Source Heat Pump, uniSTOR 300ltr Domestic Hot Water Cylinder, Vaillant Hydraulic Station and a Heat Exchanger, see below.

Screenshot%202024 02 16%20at%2015.11.47


This is the Hydraulic Station, Cylinder and HEX Unit located in the garage at the above installation. We have several options to chose from should your situation require a smaller space to accomodate the equipment.



This system is designed to provide Domestic Heating to a large barn conversion. The system consists of 1No. 12kW Vaillant aroTHERM Plus Air Source Heat Pump.



This system is designed to provide Domestic Hot water and Heating to a large barn conversion. The system consists of 1No. 10kW Vaillant aroTHERM Plus Air Source Heat Pump and a Vaillaant uniSTOR 300ltr Cylinder.

Screenshot%202024 02 16%20at%2015.12.09


This system is designed to provide Domestic Hot Water and Heating to a very large house. The system consists of 3No. 11kW Vaillant aroTHERM Air Source Heat Pumps, 1No. Vaillant 300Ltr DHW Cylinder (Additional Storage) and a 4000Ltr Buffer Vessel.

Screenshot%202024 02 16%20at%2015.12.14


This project is an outbuilding used as a Pool House and Bar. We installed a 8kW Vaillant aroTHERM Air Source Heat Pump to provide heating via the new under floor heating system.

Browse our frequently asked Air Source Heat Pump questions below.

An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air, even in cold temperatures, and transfers it into a building to provide warmth during colder months. This process is achieved through the use of refrigerant and a compressor, similar to how a refrigerator operates but in reverse. By utilizing renewable heat sources from the air, air source heat pumps offer an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat buildings. Additionally, they can provide hot water for domestic use, further enhancing their versatility and energy-saving benefits.

The cost of an air source heat pump can vary depending on factors such as the size of the system, installation requirements, and any additional components needed. The initial investment is offset by energy savings over time, as air source heat pumps are known for their high efficiency. It's essential to consider long-term savings and potential incentives or rebates offered by governments (like the £7500 BUS Grant that’s currently available) or off peak rates and tariffs available from utility companies that can also assist in substantially reducing the running costs of the system, when assessing the overall cost-effectiveness of installing an air source heat pump. 

We at Steve Duckworth Electrical, as trusted air source heat pump installers, are constantly keeping up to date with the newest technology, which products have the best warranties, and manufacturer reputation, and select the products we install with these factors in mind. Our air source heat pump of choice is Vaillant, as after countless amounts of research we’ve concluded this to be the system with the best value for money, warranties, product quality and aftercare from Vaillant themselves. 

Most homeowners are eligible for the boiler upgrade scheme, there are some caveats, mainly - your EPC can’t have any recommendations for loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. You must also be replacing a carbon producing boiler (gas or oil). The BUS grant does not apply if you are planning on keeping your carbon producing boiler. To check your eligibility in full, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your individual needs. We currently boast a 100% acceptance rate for the BUS grants, so it is highly unlikely you will be rejected - we do all the checks and we don’t make the application on your behalf if we don’t believe you will be accepted. 

Air source heat pumps are good because they efficiently transfer heat from the outside air into a building, providing both heating capabilities. They are environmentally friendly, as they utilise renewable energy sources and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional heating systems. They can significantly reduce energy bills by efficiently converting energy from the air into heat, offering cost savings in the long run. Air source heat pumps are versatile and can be installed in various types of buildings, including residential homes and commercial properties. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient heating solution for many households and businesses.

Yes, air source heat pumps are electrically powered systems. They use electricity to operate the compressor, fan, and other components that facilitate the heat exchange process between the outdoor air and the indoor space. While they require electricity to function, they are highly efficient in converting electrical energy into heat, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution. However, their overall energy efficiency may depend on factors such as climate, installation quality, and system size.

An air source heat pump works by absorbing heat from the outdoor air and transferring it indoors to heat a building. This process involves a refrigerant circulating through the system, absorbing heat from the outside air through an evaporator coil. The refrigerant then passes through a compressor, where it is compressed and its temperature increases. The heated refrigerant releases its heat indoors through a condenser coil, and the cycle repeats. By utilising this heat exchange process, air source heat pumps can provide efficient heating for residential and commercial buildings throughout the year.

Yes, the Vaillant AroTherm Plus is a high temperature heat pump and will work with your existing radiators. 

No, the Vaillant AroTherm Plus has been accredited with the quiet mark and is barely audible above background noise. 

No, air source heat pumps are typically installed outdoors. They rely on extracting heat from the outdoor air to provide heating for indoor spaces. Indoor installation is not practical because it would require significant modifications to the building's structure and ventilation systems to allow for adequate airflow and heat exchange. 

Air source heat pumps can be considered initially expensive due to several factors. Firstly, the technology behind air source heat pumps involves sophisticated components such as compressors, coils, and refrigerants, which contribute to the overall cost. Additionally, the installation process requires professional expertise and may involve modifications to existing heating systems or infrastructure, adding to the expenses. Furthermore, factors such as brand reputation, energy efficiency ratings, and additional features can influence the price of air source heat pumps. While the initial investment may seem high, it's essential to consider the long-term energy savings and potential rebates or incentives (like the Uk’s BUS Grant) that can offset the upfront costs over time. Get in touch for a quote, as the price may not be as high as you think (especially if you’re eligible for the BUS grant which the majority of people who contact us are).


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