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Have a browse of our most frequently asked questions to learn more about the services we offer. If your question is not answered below, our offices are open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, so feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help you with your queries. 

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General FAQs

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We do not take deposits for any of our domestic installations. Commercial installations are discussed on a case by case basis.

Am I commiting to anything by getting in touch?

Our quotes are free, and you are under no obligation after receiving it. 

I have quite a lot of questions and want to make sure I’m selecting the right installer, how do I know who to choose?

If you contact a member of our team via phone or email, whichever you prefer, they will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions. You want to choose an installer who has the necessary accreditations, and who takes pride in their work. Steve Duckworth Electrical provide free quotes, and are able to showcase a plethora of high quality, certified installations. You may want to collect quotes from multiple installers, then make your decision based not just on cost, but on quality of workmanship, value for money, previous installations and aftercare. We’re proud to have been installing systems and dealing with happy customer since 2011. 

I’m a technophobe, are renewable technologies right for me?

We are always happy to discuss the technologies that we install and how they work in practice. Our experienced engineers can talk you through whatever is necessary for you to know about the installation, and the tech will do the rest. We are then just on the end of the phone or email if you have further queries post installation.

I’ve bought own appliances, but I need an installer, can you do the installation for me?

We work with trusted suppliers to insure that the technologies we’re installing are well manufactured. We do not fit products sourced by customers, regardless of where they’ve sourced them. We want our customers to be safe in the knowledge that every part of the install is guaranteed. It’s important to us that our customers have the best experience possble, so we maintain the warranty on behalf of the manufacturer. 

Why is the quote i’ve had from you cheaper than one i’ve had from elsewhere?

One thing we have always taken pride in no matter how big or small the job, is our dedication to offering the best value for money to our customers. With this in mind, we do not place extortionate charges on top of the figure necessary to cover products and labour. Despite having worked on some huge projects, we are a small, family run business, and we are not interested in ripping off the customers who have trusted us with helping them take steps to go greener. Over the years, we have been been told we’re not the cheapest, but equally we've been told we’re not charging enough! So it is entirely job dependant, and the only thing to do to is get in touch for a quote, take our previous work into account along with the high quality products we install, and consider us for your next project.

Why is the quote i’ve had from you more expensive than one i’ve had from elsewhere?

Contrary to the above question, we do frequently get asked why other companies are able to quote cheaper. Aside from the obvious answer (that we are using high quality equipment installed by full time engineers), Steve Duckworth Electrical takes pride in being an accredited installer. This means there are certain standards we must uphold to keep our accreditations. We cannot cut corners on our jobs, we must adhere to the appropriate regulations, and our work is checked peroidically in accordance with this. We have watched many renewable energy installation companies pop up out of nowhere over the years, offer great deals, complete the work as cheap and quickly as possible without consideration for guidelines or longevity, then disappear, leaving businesses like ours to pick up the pieces when customers begin to face issues with systems installed by non certified businesses. Our staff work hard and go the extra mile for our customers. Whilst we may not be the absolute cheapest quote you receive, we hope you’ll take our previous work into account, along with the high quality products we install, and consider us for your next project. 

I have gas boiler - am I eligible for the bus grant? 

The bus grant is available for those who currently have fossil fuelled boilers and wish to upgrade to a more energy efficient one. 

I’ve seen a different brand that I think i’d prefer, will you install that instead?

The products we install are ones we fully stand by in terms of quality and value for money. They are systems we’ve installed in our own homes, our friends and families homes, and hundreds of properties throughout the UK. We stand by the products we fit, and we stand by the installs. Whilst we understand there are plenty of products on the market, and you may have found a cheaper one, we are more than happy to discuss the benefits of the equipment you’ve found verses the systems we trust and install. We are always on the look out for upcoming product launches, new and improved versions and brand new companies launching renewable technology products. If we see a product that is better value for money, stands up to the specs of our current offerings, and has been tried and tested proving itself to work in practise as it says it should, as much as or better than our current products, we add it to our arsenal. Thus far, the systems we currently choose to install, we’ve found, are the ones that consistently do what they say they will, are engineered and manufactored to a high standard, and consistently give our customers the best overall experience. 

I’ve had a quote from a different company & they say my install won’t take as long, why?

At Steve Duckworth Electrical, we offer a 5year workmanship guarantee on all of our installs. It is in our best interests as a company, and your best interests as a customer, for us to make sure our install is completed to a very high standard, and for us to not need to keep coming back to fix mistakes. By taking a little extra time during our installs, we make sure we dot every i and cross every t. Our teams are instructed to leave their workspace as they found it (except for, of course, whatever brand new renewable technology system has been installed). Our engineers take pride in their work, and want to photograph finished products to showcase on our website, before taking time to liase with customers and make sure they’re 100% satsified with the install before leaving. All of these things, these ‘icing on the cake’ activities, doing things properly, it all takes extra time, which we account for when we advise customers as to how long an install may take. 

When is the Tesla Powerwall 3 coming out?

At this present time, Tesla are unable to provide even their premium installers with a date for the Tesla Powerwall 3 roll-out. There are many rumours flying around, but feel free to keep an eye on our social media accounts and website. We will be one of the first in the UK to hear about the Tesla Powerwall 3, at which point we will immediately update our website with information and will be purchasing stock so we are ready for your orders.


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